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American International Printing Exchange is a printing brokerage company located in Seattle, Washington.

AIPEX specializes in helping authors publish their works by providing assistance with the many different steps in the printing process, matching quality printers with authors, and assisting in the management of the projects from the beginning to end.

If you have a printing job that costs $2,500 or more, AIPEX can secure considerable savings for you on your job.

Simply send us the specifications and we will obtain the most economical quote possible from among our many qualified printers worldwide.

The maximum production time from start to finish for most jobs is about six weeks, and can be even quicker if needed.

Upon receipt of your REQUEST FOR QUOTATION (RFQ), we will also send you, completely free of charge, a set of full color collector edition prints of the Aurora Borealis, by two of the world's leading aurora photographers in Alaska. There is also an accompanying full color brochure and Certificates of Authenticity for the prints.

Now is also the time to prepare your new 2006 calendars and year-end annual report. We specialize in these items as well as cookbooks, posters and greeting cards.

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